When I became a mother, I did not realize the level of commitment and responsibility that is involved in parenting. I had a heart full of love and I simply believed that….parenting will just happen.

Soon, I found myself out of ideas when it came to getting my child to follow instructions, deal with his anger and tantrums...

Most parents use the behavior modification approach, punishment, and reward - Do this, and I will give you that. When children are young, it works for a while but in the long term, it grows selfishness in children, and when you ask them to do something they start asking: what do I get in return?

What does it take to develop inner motivation in our children?

To change their hearts so they can do what needs to be done without being asked or reminded. Sounds almost impossible, right?

As we've seen, the behavior-based approach might influence how your children act in the short term. Yet, for the change to be real and lasting, the transformation must take place in their hearts.

I would like to introduce you to the heart-based approach to parenting. Parenting on a heart level requires preplanning with a strategic emphasis on teaching, training, and building relationships. When parents focus on the heart, kids learn to ask different questions about life. Instead of asking: what’s in it for me? they ask: what’s the right thing to do? 

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